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“I remember looking at social media and feeling as if everyone had it together and somehow I was still missing the mark. I wanted to have the feeling of fulfillment, self-worth, and achievement. How? Where would I begin?

I realized that “It Started With Me, “no one was going to be able to bail me out this time. It was time to choose me FOR ME! I began to really dig deep, forgive, acknowledge, and envision the life that I wanted to have—the life that I deserved. “ - LC



“What I love the most is that LC ‘s Program on the surface seems obvious, but what I didn’t realize is that she was also dealing with my subconscious at the same time.”—Client


it starts with you



You no longer have to feel like you are lost in this world without Purpose. Let LC give you the tools you need to UNLOCK yours.



Sharing her story of Pain, Process, and Purpose, is what LC enjoys the most. It is an opportunity to help others realize that they are not alone, and everything that we go through is used for our good. If God can do it for her, surely he’ll do it for you.

We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose
— Bob Goff